Monday, July 27, 2009

Haylee and Jackson's first jungle trip...

Thank you for praying! On this ministry trip...

  • 27 kids responded to a clear presentation of the gospel. Their names are Sheila, Leonela, Matilde, Cani, Luci, Cacilda, Gladys, Borac, Victoria, Franklin, Oseas, Werener, Octilia, Marilia, Mayolixa, Jessica, Ibelia, Floripe, Bocio, Milca, Lurde, Yois, Edgar, Manger, Cleve, Malqui, and Elodia.
  • Church leaders from 5 area villages were trained in Chronological Bible Storying from the books of 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Kings. They do not have these books written in their native language.
  • Medical help was provided to over 30 villagers for parasites and other various infections.
  • Eyeglasses were provided for several villagers.

Thank you for praying for us and God's work here in Peru. Thank you for giving to the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

We're back from the Jungle...

We'll post a video soon. Your prayers brought great results. Thank you for your help!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some of the great things happening here....

Here's some of the results from your praying! Each month we enjoy looking over what God has done. Here are some great things that happened in June 2009...

  • We had 20 different mission teams work with us in June. Each did a tremendous job taking the LIGHT of JESUS to the dark places of Peru.
  • One team shared the gospel with 250+ people in their village!
  • One team came across a jungle village that had never heard of a CREATOR. The process of telling the story of the Bible has started with them.
  • While walking the streets of Tarma doing evangelism a man asked the group to come to his house and tell his wife the good news of Jesus. They did. She is now a follower of Christ.
  • One team was able to distribute 125 Bibles to people who did not have one.

Here are some other stories for you...

  • From the Amazon Region...
    Bryan Baptist Association are holding morning & evening services in 3 villages for an 8 day period. Each message/story from the Bible is centered around forgiveness of sin, Christ’s love & God reaching out to us and that he desires a relationship with us.
  • From International World Changers...
    There is so much to tell about the International World Changers that came to work in and around Canta! The group I had the privilage of working with was incredible. We spent most of our time in Obrajillo at the preschool, sharing the love of Christ with the children and teachers. Though we encountered opposition and were not welcomed in the elementary, we were able to spend some great time prayer walking through the village. Later in the week, we travelled to Huacos and were warmly welcomed to spend several hours with the few students there and share the storying beads with them.
  • From the Northern Conchucos...
    In June, a group of 22 from First Baptist Church Jackson MS shared the Gospel and held a medical clinic in the village of Conopa in the Northern Conchucos. While there, we invited those who were "serious" about being disciples of Jesus to come to a special Bible study on the following Sunday. The video La Esperanza was shown. A crowd of over 70 people responded and some had walked as long as 1 1/2 hours to get there. It was obvious they were there as a result of what they had seen and heard during the medical clinic.
  • From one of our Journeygirls…
    When I was with the Canta group, I served on the San Buenaventura team. One of the things the whole group had learned was the Redeemer skit. We were working in a very small school of very young children. There was some doubt as to how well the young kids might understand the meaning of the skit. Someone, however, came up with the idea to teach the children the skit and have them act it out. They were explained the meaning of the skit as well as able to interact with the team and be part of the skit. The Gospel was presented several times throughout the week, but I think this one truly helped them to be part of it and see what the Gospel really means.
  • From the Amazon Region…
    Where do I begin….? Satan tried to attack our mission in almost every aspect of this trip but we stayed faithful as individuals and as a group and God prevailed! I feel so blessed and humbled and happy to be able to witness to people so hungry to hear God’s Word. To witness to someone, them accept Christ, and then ask you to speak to their family is the most amazing feeling. I know I have grown spiritually during this mission.
  • From a faithful prayer warrior….
    After praying for 19 years the Lord allowed me to come to Peru. I have prayed for this country because of friends who have served here. To come and feel the presence of God as we served was amazing. What stands out to me was how the Holy Spirit broke through the language barrier and it was as if we were no longer strangers but friends. In Catalon Urco we shared and asked questions. None of the people knew who had created the Earth or where they would spend eternity. We started with the story of Creation and stopped. My prayer is that seeds planted will be received and grow. The darkness was so evident.
  • From the Andes mountains….
    Baptism is a tough topic to teach, explain, and discuss with a lot of these Peruvians because of the Catholic influence in that area. There was an old man who wanted to know more about baptism. We explained it and the next night, in front of all his people, he said he wanted and needed to be baptized! That meant that we were actually getting through to them.

Thank you for your prayers and your giving to the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

UPDATE from down here...

It's been too long since we've been able to update you on the work here in Peru. July has been a busy time for our REAP North team. Haylee and Jeff just returned from a trip to Orcotuna with a team from First Baptist Quitman, Georgia. It was a great trip where the group of believers in Orcotuna were encouraged greatly! Jeff was able to preach at the Christian Missionary Alliance church in Huancayo this past Sunday and enjoyed that tremendously (and yes, it was in Spanish).

Liesa has been busy coordinating the logistical arrangements for our mission teams that are coming and going. It has been great to be able to serve our partner churches and enable them to minister more effectively here in Peru.

Just a reminder...our work here in Peru is to partner with Southern Baptist churches to plant churches among the unreached, indigenous peoples of Peru. We have seen amazing things happen here through our REAP North Peru Team and through our partner churches. Thank you for praying.

Liesa, Jeff, Haylee and Jackson are off to the Tambo River for the next two weeks to help a team from South Carolina minister to the people in a village there. We'll be traveling for two by truck and one by boat to reach this community. Please pray for safety for those traveling.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update for this week...

Hey all. Thank you for your prayers. Lots of great things happening during a very busy time here. We'll update soon.

One BAD thing that is happening is a transportation strike here in Peru. Strikes like this are not uncommon but are definitely a nuisance to our work. We have had teams from Clarksdale, MS and Hernando, MS have to stop their work and return to Lima. Jeff is trying to get out of Lima today with a team from Georgia. We have 9 mission teams in different parts of Peru today.

Please pray for their safety and that the work would be able to continue.