Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Amazing April...

The Faithfulness of the Lord has been amazing this month here in Peru. Here are a few highlights...
  • God continues to bless our family in so many ways. When we left the comfort of Oxford, MS we had so many questions and some fear about how the 'missionary life' would be. God has been faithful every step of the way in providing for our every need. He has used many of you to make sure that we are doing well.
  • This month we saw THREE more unengaged, unreached people groups adopted by churches in the U.S. We are thankful for the progress being made that those from every nation, tribe and tongue are gaining access to the gospel.
  • Our REAP North Peru team continues to be blessed by some of God's finest servants. It is an honor for us to work alongside such great people.

Please continue to pray for the following needs...

  • Quality friendships for Haylee and Jackson. As parents this is one of our greatest concerns. We are trusting the Lord to provide for 'His' children. They belong to Him and He knows what they need and when.
  • The task of reaching North Peru with the gospel is HUGE. Please pray for more churches to adopt unreached people groups here in Peru.
  • Our student projects this summer with bring over 100 college students to work with us. Please pray for our summer projects and that God would use them to advance the Kingdom here in Peru.

Thank you for your partnership! Keep 'holding the rope.'

Monday, April 27, 2009

Update from down here...

Thank you to all who have prayed over the past few days. The Ole Miss Vision Team had a tremendous visit with open access to several villages. Thank you for praying for this. Over the past month several unengaged groups here in Peru have been adopted by churches in the U.S. as targets of ministry trips in the coming years. Please continue to pray for the people of Peru and the churches in the U.S. who are reaching out to them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Thank you so much to all of you who read this blog and pray for us. You are a VITAL part of the work here in Peru. The Vision Team from First Baptist Church of Quitman, Georgia left this morning and a Vision Team consisting of members of 3 North Mississippi churches and the Ole Miss Baptist Student Union arrive tonight. Please help us by praying for these things...
  • Please continue to pray for Haylee and Jackson. School is going great and they are doing GREAT. Thank you for praying. Jackson has joined a soccer club here in our neighborhood and is doing very well with that.
  • Please pray for the Vision Team arriving tonight from Ole Miss and 3 North Mississippi churches. They are considering adopting a segment of the Asheninca tribe. This is a VERY difficult group to reach. Please pray for permission to be granted for us to visit the tribal communities and for an openess of tribal leaders to let us work among them.
  • Please pray for our upcoming summer...we have dozens of mission teams coming from every different direction doing so many different things. Lots of things to coordinate and prepare for.
  • Please pray for the International World Changers Project coming up in June. We have two weeks of ministry projects for nearly 100 student volunteers coming to work with us. Pray that God would use this huge project to impact the Canta, Peru area for Christ.

Thank You for all of your help!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Liesa's Version of the Driver's License Medical Exam

Liesa also passed the psychological and physical parts of the test. However, her process was a bit different than Jeff's.....Here are a few of the differences. See Jeff's list below and compare.

  • Step Four....The written mental evaluation test...same test as Jeff's, but it took me 5 minutes to figure out the lady was telling me to put my name, address, and birthday on each and every page. I'm afraid I'm a bit slow. Not a good start for a psychological exam. I forgot to put feet the person I drew so the lady asked me to add them. Before putting my name on every page, I began to answer the questions using an ink pen...didn't know that the pen was only for my name. The lady fussed at me, I couldn't help it she didn't give me a pencil until after I put my name on each and every page. And then she proceeded to give me a part of the test where they ask questions like "do you generally hate the people around you" and "are you an angry person"?
  • Step Five...Medical exam...I had to look into a machine and tell what colors I saw, read letters and describe the pictures I saw on the bottom of the screen. As for the hearing test...I had to put on head phones and say if the sound was coming from my right or my left. Guess I don't look like I can see or hear so they thought they'd test me thoroughly. Finally, I had to pick up 5lb (my estimate) weights and lift them over my head with each hand. Guess Jeff looked a bit stronger than me!

I didn't get to take the driver's exam as I didn't have my Peruvian ID - which you may remember was stolen. I have since received it and have plans to take the exam along with Jeff on a later date.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

CRASH AND BURN...Jeff fails his Peru driver's license test...

Yes. It's true. But I did pass the psychological and physical parts of the test. It guess knowing the rules of the roads here in Peru is the most important part. Here's the process...
  • Step One...You go to a local bank and pay all the fees for the license.
  • Step Two...You go to the medical clinic around the corner from the driver's license office.
  • Step Three...Fill out some paperwork.
  • Step Four....There is a written mental evaluation have to answer questions like "Do you think everybody hates you?" You have to draw a person...mine had clothes and shoes. There is a page of mazes that you have to draw a little line and find your way out of. Then, you have these cards with random shapes drawn on them and you have to draw them exactly like that.
  • Step Five...Medical exam...walk a straight line, read the Eye Chart (Spanish alphabet), answer the question..."Can you hear well?" I answered, "Si, amigo." Do you drink a lot? "No, amigo. Soy un misionero bautista.' (No friend, I'm a baptist missionary.)
  • Step Six...Wait in the waiting room while they determine whether or not you are crazy.
  • Step Seven... They call you to the back and approve you for being able to take the driver's license test. (I don't know what happens if you don't pass the mental exam...I guess you get to drive a taxi.)
  • Step Eight...You go to the other side of the building and they take your picture...remember, I haven't taken the test yet...but they took my picture.
  • Step Nine...You go in this room with about 20 computers and they tell you to go to one. I sat down at #8 and there was my photo on the screen. The test is in Spanish. You have 40 minutes to answer 40 questions. It only took me about 12 minutes. :-(
  • Step Ten...When you have missed 11 questions the screen goes blank and there's a 'You're a LOSER!' message that pops up. That's your cue to get your nalgas out of there.
  • Step Eleven...Go outside and buy a copy of the test questions from this shady dude on the street.
  • Step Twelve...Study the book and I'll be going back to take the test again...more to come.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New REAP North Peru Video...

Our team videographer and photographer put this promo video together.
It is a great summary of what we do here in Peru.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Baptist Oxford Vision Trip...

Our home church, First Baptist Oxford, Mississippi, sent some folks to Peru this week for a Vision Trip to the Lamista Quechua near Tarapoto. We were so excited to have our pastor, Eric Hankins, and our great friend Gary Hunter (Carmen and Courtney's dad!) here with us.

Below is a video with some photos of our time researching the Lamista Quechua.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thanks For the Goodies!

What a sweet surprise from our friends in Oxford!

Praise and Thanksgiving -
From Liesa - Thanks so much for your prayers while I was traveling last week. I had a wonderful week of ministry and learning during my time with the Ashaninka people of Peru. God is doing amazing and wonderful things among this people group. The believers in these villages have such a sweet spirit and love for Christ and are working together to carry the gospel to their own people in the villages up and down the Tambo River.

Somethings you can pray for -
  • Jeff, Javier (translator), Eric Hankins and Gary Hunter (from FBC Oxford MS). - They are traveling to Tarapoto in Northern Peru on a vision trip. They return to Lima on wednesday.
  • Domi - 3rd and 4th grade teacher in one of the villages Liesa visited last week. She is a believer, but working in very difficult circumstances and is very lonely. Pray that the children and families among whom she works will see Christ through her as she teaches their children.
  • Cambridge Baptist & Grace Richmond Baptist Churches - They are working among the Quechua people this week in Peru.
  • Our newest family member, Madilyn Holeman - that she would gain back the weight she has lost since birth and continue to remain healthy.
  • Crystal and Jeremy Nelson - ReapNorth team members expecting their first baby, Karis, any day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update from Liesa...Wednesday, April 1...

Liesa had an interesting day. While bathing in the river a small crocodile latched on to her arm. Fortunately some Ashaninca ladies were nearby and were able to beat it with their spears. April Fools.

Liesa called and reports an excellent day of ministry. They led a bible study for the village women this morning and this afternoon had around 50 kids for a bible study time. Liesa told the story of the friends bringing the paralytic to Jesus for healing.

Later this afternoon, Liesa visited in the home of one of the teachers at the village school. She is a single young lady from Huancayo who has been assigned to teach in the village. She is very lonely and appreciated Liesa's visit.

The group gets on the river on Thursday morning at 6 am and will arrive in Lima on Friday afternoon. Please continue to pray for their safety.

New Prayer Requests for April 2009...

You can find NEW South America Prayer Requests at the bottom of this page or click HERE.
Please copy or print them and use them daily. You can even print them for you Sunday School Class, Small Group or even your Family Devotion. Prayer is a huge investment in the work going on here. Your prayers are powerful!