Friday, April 17, 2009

Liesa's Version of the Driver's License Medical Exam

Liesa also passed the psychological and physical parts of the test. However, her process was a bit different than Jeff's.....Here are a few of the differences. See Jeff's list below and compare.

  • Step Four....The written mental evaluation test...same test as Jeff's, but it took me 5 minutes to figure out the lady was telling me to put my name, address, and birthday on each and every page. I'm afraid I'm a bit slow. Not a good start for a psychological exam. I forgot to put feet the person I drew so the lady asked me to add them. Before putting my name on every page, I began to answer the questions using an ink pen...didn't know that the pen was only for my name. The lady fussed at me, I couldn't help it she didn't give me a pencil until after I put my name on each and every page. And then she proceeded to give me a part of the test where they ask questions like "do you generally hate the people around you" and "are you an angry person"?
  • Step Five...Medical exam...I had to look into a machine and tell what colors I saw, read letters and describe the pictures I saw on the bottom of the screen. As for the hearing test...I had to put on head phones and say if the sound was coming from my right or my left. Guess I don't look like I can see or hear so they thought they'd test me thoroughly. Finally, I had to pick up 5lb (my estimate) weights and lift them over my head with each hand. Guess Jeff looked a bit stronger than me!

I didn't get to take the driver's exam as I didn't have my Peruvian ID - which you may remember was stolen. I have since received it and have plans to take the exam along with Jeff on a later date.

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