Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15 October 2013 Update!

Liesa and one of the many cactus 'trees'
we find in our part of the world.
We are grateful every day for the prayers of all of you who are partners in the work here in southern Mexico.  We have just finished several really busy weeks and we look forward to a few weeks of no travel and 'normal' stuff.
Here's an update:
  • Haylee and Jackson are in the middle of a busy semester of school work and are hoping to survive the school grind until the Christmas break. 
  • Several USA fellowships have come and gone over the last month.  The Word was proclaimed and taught, people were loved on just like Jesus would have done, and doors were opened for future ministry.
  • The number of believers among the SBY people group has doubled from 2 to 4!  As best we know, no new believers have come from this people group in the last ten years.  This is a big deal and we are rejoicing that the Father allowed us to be able to see this.  Keep praying for the SBY people.
  • The SPT people are located in southern Mexico and in the western part of the USA.  Please pray for a USA fellowship that is working to plant a church among them in the USA.
  • The CC people has been a people group that has been a challenge for us to find a USA fellowship who would come to plant a church among them.  Last week, a Vision Team from a USA fellowship came and they are praying about beginning a church planting attempt among this group.  Please pray for them.
  • The CS people group have been adopted by a USA fellowship in Ohio.  A recent visit to this people group was a huge success with open doors into a village and even a very nice place for teams from the USA to live in this community.
Those are just a few of the great stories we can share with you.  Your prayers are so important to the work the Father is doing here.  Thank you for your help!
Please pray for the following needs:
  • Pray for Fernando and Milli who are coming from Argentina to join our team for a couple of weeks.  Pray for them as they work in another culture with a slightly different language.  Pray for open doors among agricultural workers.
  • Pray for another USA fellowship that are here this week visiting the MC people group.  This Vision Team will be praying about planting a church among these people.
  • Pray for Natasha who returned to the USA today after spending 9 months with us.  She has been a blessing to so many!  Pray for her re-entry into the USA and for her adjustment to a different life.
  • Pray for Ready Reserve worker Jim R. who is here until  December serving in so many ways.  Jim has worked in Mexico for many years and has come out of retirement to be a great help to us.
  • Pray for our six Hands On students as they enter their last six weeks with us.  Jasmine, Hannah 1, Hannah 2, Shelley, Kat, and Sarah have been working hard and want to finish strong.
  • Pray for research opportunities that are coming up as we visit new areas.  Pray that we will be led to the right places.
  • Pray for the many in southern Mexico who are blinded by religious tradition and who have no knowledge of a personal relationship with Jesus.
Thank you for 'holding the rope.'

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson