Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thanks For the Goodies!

What a sweet surprise from our friends in Oxford!

Praise and Thanksgiving -
From Liesa - Thanks so much for your prayers while I was traveling last week. I had a wonderful week of ministry and learning during my time with the Ashaninka people of Peru. God is doing amazing and wonderful things among this people group. The believers in these villages have such a sweet spirit and love for Christ and are working together to carry the gospel to their own people in the villages up and down the Tambo River.

Somethings you can pray for -
  • Jeff, Javier (translator), Eric Hankins and Gary Hunter (from FBC Oxford MS). - They are traveling to Tarapoto in Northern Peru on a vision trip. They return to Lima on wednesday.
  • Domi - 3rd and 4th grade teacher in one of the villages Liesa visited last week. She is a believer, but working in very difficult circumstances and is very lonely. Pray that the children and families among whom she works will see Christ through her as she teaches their children.
  • Cambridge Baptist & Grace Richmond Baptist Churches - They are working among the Quechua people this week in Peru.
  • Our newest family member, Madilyn Holeman - that she would gain back the weight she has lost since birth and continue to remain healthy.
  • Crystal and Jeremy Nelson - ReapNorth team members expecting their first baby, Karis, any day.

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