Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update from Liesa...Wednesday, April 1...

Liesa had an interesting day. While bathing in the river a small crocodile latched on to her arm. Fortunately some Ashaninca ladies were nearby and were able to beat it with their spears. April Fools.

Liesa called and reports an excellent day of ministry. They led a bible study for the village women this morning and this afternoon had around 50 kids for a bible study time. Liesa told the story of the friends bringing the paralytic to Jesus for healing.

Later this afternoon, Liesa visited in the home of one of the teachers at the village school. She is a single young lady from Huancayo who has been assigned to teach in the village. She is very lonely and appreciated Liesa's visit.

The group gets on the river on Thursday morning at 6 am and will arrive in Lima on Friday afternoon. Please continue to pray for their safety.


Emily Knox said...

jeff, you got me. i was totally believing this about Liesa and imagining her freaking out in the river while bathing:) haha.

Pam Carter said...

You Are SOOOOOO not funny!