Sunday, May 27, 2012

27 May 2012 Update!

Hola from southern Mexico!

Thank you to all who pray faithfully for us, support us through the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, and come to southern Mexico to work among these precious people.  We are so thankful for you 'holding the rope' and enabling us to be here in southern Mexico.

We have had a good week.  Haylee and Jackson are busy getting ready for the end of their school year.  Haylee finishes up 9th grade and Jackson will say good-bye to 7th grade on Friday, June 1.  They are so ready for a break from school and a good summer vacation.  Haylee and Jackson will be spending a month in Mississippi this summer with family and friends and they are excited about that.

Liesa and Jeff have enjoyed a 'calm' week before a busy summer arrives.  Jeff's mom arrives on June 6 for a couple of weeks of life with us.  We will have two summer missionaries here during the months of June and July.  There is also a great deal of research that must be done and Liesa and Jeff will be traveling quite a bit to find info on some of the areas of southern Mexico.  We have three churches from the USA coming down in the next few weeks on Vision Trips to seek God's place of service for their churches.  We have much work to do to prepare for these big events.

We were blessed this week when the Father sent us a wonderful young lady to work with us this summer.  We have been praying that God would call out some Mexican Christians who would be willing to teach us about ministry here and allow us to teach them also.  We are excited about what God is doing here through us and the other missionaries who are working here.  We are convinced that this part of the world must be reached by our Mexican brothers and sisters.  Our role is to help them to do what God has given them to do.

You can join us this week in praying for:
  1. The Right People, in the Right Places, doing the Right Things.  
  2. For more opportunities to build 'discipleship' relationships.
  3. For the villages of S.B.Y. and S.P.T. to have new churches soon.
  4. For protection as we travel around southern Mexico conducting research.
  5. For J and E who are coming to spend two months living in a remote village.
  6. For Z, our new national partner who wants to serve the Lord with us this summer.
  7. For God to guide our steps so that we are following Him every day.
Psalm 9:10 - And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.

Many blessings to you all!
Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pray for S.B.Y.

Yesterday we traveled to S.B.Y. to visit with some of the people there and to continue to make arrangements for some short-term missionaries to live in the village.  Please continue to pray for this village and the small group of believers there.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

15 May 2012 Update!

Hello to all of you out there!

First, let us remind you of our Tuesday Evening Partner Connect Webinars for all of you to receive training.  Click Here for more info.

It has been a while since our last update.  We are so grateful to all of you who encourage us through your commitment to pray for us and, most importantly, the many here in southern Mexico whom the Father is bringing into the family of believers.  Your prayers are so important to the work here.  Thank you for the time you spend in prayer.

The Lord continues to open doors for ministry.  Liesa has found a children's home called Casa Hogar.  She is loving to be able to spend time with the children and with the workers.  Jeff is continuing to explore some of the communities around our area and spending time researching different people groups with whom we have responsibility.  We have several churches who are in the process of receiving Phase One training and will be traveling to Mexico in the near future.  

Our ministry assignment in Mexico is to work with Southern Baptist churches and our Great Commission Partners who are dedicated to the task of reaching the people groups of southern Mexico that do not have believers AND/OR the number of believers among the people group is very small.  You can go HERE to find out how your church can be a part of the work in Mexico and other parts of the world.

Please join us in praying for these requests:
  • The Right People in the Right Places doing the Right Things.  This has been our prayer for the work here in southern Mexico for a long time.
  • Pray for the village of S.B.Y. where doors are opening for ministry.  This is a village of approximately 600 people with no evangelical church.  We have found 4 believers in the village.  Pray for a new church in this village soon.
  • Pray for the S.P.T. people.  The work is in the early stages with this people group.  There is a USA partner working with this group in Mexico and in the USA.  Excellent opportunities for ministry and missions.
  • Pray for our USA churches who are praying about working in Mexico to be given wisdom.  It is so easy to think that ministry methods that work in the USA will work here in Mexico.  Pray for these USA churches to take seriously the training and research elements of mission work.
We have just returned from a week in Peru.  Jeff and Liesa were a part of training meetings in Lima and we were able to take Haylee and Jackson with us.  The training was really good and the opportunity to visit with our Peruvian and missionary friends just made it all much sweeter.  Haylee and Jackson were able to connect with many of their friends and we all had a great time.  Here are some photos:

Our sweet friends Clara, Gladys, and Anibal from Peru.  Sweet memories!

Haylee and Jackson were able to spend time with some of their friends in Peru.

Jackson and the guys.

Bredbenner's and Pennington's.  These folks are the greatest.
Proverbs 17:17 
A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Anibal (A.K.A. Jungle Boy) is a part of our family.  He is a wonderful missionary.

Have you heard that Jackson is now 13 years old?

Jackson and one of his 'best buds' in Peru.

Lots of fun times with Christy and Mindy.  Wonderful friends whom we miss very much.

Kid Missionaries.  The best in the world.

Goofy Kid Missionaries.

Today is May 15 and this morning Southern Baptists put another paycheck in our checking account.  It just showed up...exactly as it has the other 55 months that we have served as missionaries.  We know that most of you make great sacrifices to give to the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  Thank you for your giving.  We don't take for granted the churches in the USA that God uses to allow us to serve here.  Thank you for your faithfulness to the Gospel.

Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson Holeman

“Our vision is...
...A Rapid Heart-Language  Presentation Of The Gospel  used by the Holy Spirit to produce...
   ...a multitude of disciples among all peoples of Southern Mexico And the Americas...
     ...equipped to fulfill the Great Commission... the ends of the earth.”