Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back from Huaraz...On to Kawai.

Haylee and some of the kids she worked with while the adults attended their study sessions.

A heated discussion among pastors from a small town in Peru. They have been arguing with each other for quite a while and it continued at the conference.

The view from the third floor of the church in Huaraz. Seeing the snow capped peaks each morning was really amazing.

Thank you for your prayers this week for the Pastor/Church Leader Conference in Huaraz, Peru. Over 300 Peruvian pastors and their families attended this 4 days of intensive training. Ingleside Baptist Church from Macon, Georgia sent an outstanding team of teachers to lead this year's conference. A vast majority of the pastors and church leaders in the area of Huaraz have no formal theological training. These training events meet so many needs.

We are having our REAP Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador team prayer retreat this week. Please pray for us this week as we prepare for a very busy 2009.

Please pray for these folks by name this week...
  • Boots and Katie Holder
  • Larry and Nancy Jackson
  • Brian and Felicia Henderson (in the U.S.)
  • Burney and June Tate
  • Mindy McCord
  • Tommy Smith
  • Jeremy and Crystal Nelson (and Karis in Crystal's tummy!)
  • Jake and Dodie Glover (in Costa Rica.)
  • John Wilson
  • Diago and Dana Reyes
  • David and Cameron Olsen (in the U.S.)
  • Jacinda Melson
  • Katie Stewart
  • Rick and Kelly Martinez
  • Fletcher and Ruby Dickerson
  • Jessica Brooks
  • Pattie Merritt
  • Jessica Franks
  • Christine Jackson
  • Jessica Dooley
  • Jim Gilstrap

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