Thursday, June 18, 2009

Your Prayers are answered every day here in Peru...

READ about what your partnership with us through prayer is doing here in Peru. Here are some stories from individuals about their work here in Peru during May 2009...
  • I had a group of college students down in the area where I work and I think we had about 9 people come to faith from all of the places that we worked at. Six of these new believers got saved in a little place called Orcotuna and these people are ready to be apart of the church that is there and to start growing. Most of the students from the US taught in schools about how to be a person of valor. They taught about respecting others, respecting themselves and loving God. It was neat because I think from all of the places we taught nearly 1,000 kids in the Monterro Valley about Jesus that week. It was overwhelming, rewarding and something I will never forget!

  • There were two events that happened while we were in the Huancayo area: One was the amount of community interest that was created by seeing Americans being willing to get dirty scraping, cleaning and painting the community building. The second was when we went (God says go) to meet with the group in Sappallanca the second night and only the pastor and one other person showed up. We were supposed to be sharing how to witness, but we instead spent and hour with the pastor talking about a vision for the community and what was needed in al the churches to help them be better organized and learning how to go and witness.
  • The Citadel (Charleston) BCM team that I helped with a few weeks ago were amazing gospel sowers!! They were able to share their testimonies and speak words about christianity in the schools they entered on a "ESL only" invitation. In most of the schools we were told we shouldn't speak about Christianity, only about English,and in every one of them they ended up sharing more about Christ than English! In one of the schools, after two shared their testimonies and one shared a Bible story, a girl came up to our translator and asked what she had to do to be saved. The translator was able to speak with her and pray for her right then and the girl accepted Christ! This same translator shared her testimony during another session at one of the schools and it was her first time to share it in English in Peru.

  • Liesa, Haylee, Jackson and I were able to travel to Recuay to work alongside the Ole Miss team in a sports camp for kids/teenagers. We were able to play with kids and spend time getting to know them. The pastor of the Baptist church in Huaraz came and led in a time of commitment where about 10 students responded to an invitation to begin a relationship with Jesus. I was able to do some counseling with 4 young boys…about 10 years old…about their decision. They claimed to understand the presentation of the gospel and wanted to begin a study of God’s Word. The Ole Miss team planned a bible study for the kids who had made decisions and they returned later in the week for two bible studies.
  • The Ole Miss team has had the opportunity to share the gospel in Recuay and has seen at least two new believers who they have also been able to begin discipling.

  • Lifepoint team- primarily worked in school in Tapacocha doing a very basic English classes. Also showed film in the Catholic church. Presented Bibles to religion teacher and class. Testimonies were given by the team after the film.
  • Liberty Team-Showed film in Chavin on colegio soccer field and in also in Quercos. Also Bible storying in the several villages.
  • This month was awesome, one of the highlights of my journeyman term to date. For the first time I got to see beyond "planting the seeds". We spent one whole day in a village called Orcotuna near Huancayo. We held five different sessions over values in the schools. We talked to kindergardeners through jovens altogether around 600 heard the Gospel presentation. Then two nights later we held an event at the Alianza chruch. At first we were disappointed that it was mostly young kids, but we soon realized there were parents and teens outside the church listening in. Before the night was over we saw six young ladies step forward to receive Christ. Later that night one of them pull me aside. She was crying and told me how she was scared. Her family was "Catholic" but her dad didn't believe in all this stuff. She wasn't sure how she was going to live out her faith with her friends and family. I could go on about everything we talked about, but I'll stop there. There was also another girl who pulled me aside later to discuss her new faith. I was fighting back the tears of joy to know that God allowed me to be a vessel for Him!
  • There was a day in our trip to the small village of Topacocha when some of the team and I were overlooking a vast array of mountain peaks. The leader of our group spoke out in our silence and said, “I wonder if the rocks are cyring out?” Then we came up with the idea toyell Jesus as loud as our pathetic lungs could hold. After screaming Jesus from where we stood we stopped to hear the brief echo of our voices shoot across the valleys and peaks. Our leader said, “Well, at least for a few moments the rocks didn’t have to cry out.” This is one moment that put the rest of the trip into perspective.
  • Wanted to thank you for having our Charleston team come to Huancayo and serve. It may have been the best and most productive mission trip I've been on. All the Journeyman/girls did an amazing job. John Wilson did a great job setting up ministry. Jim (masters) and I hung out all week and he was a hoot. The interpreters (Gladys, Clara, and Martin) did a great job as well. I hope and pray the Kingdom work we did will benefit the ministry of John and the local pastors/Christians there. We saw at least 11 people come to know the Lord and probably over 1000 people heard the gospel. I've been several places around the world and Peru is by far my favorite-it's a wonderful country/people. Thanks so much for working our team in this summer as you are busy with ministry and summer missionaries/teams.

We have 15 more teams that we are serving with over the next two weeks with more than 220 volunteers from our Strategy Coordinator churches, International World Changers and college student teams. WE NEED YOU TO PRAY!

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