Monday, September 7, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

After many long weeks of helping our mission teams do their work we enjoyed a weekend of REAL football. The blessings of SLINGBOX are too numerous to count, but, the biggest was seeing the Ole Miss Rebels defeat Tiger High on Sunday afternoon. We even pulled out the box of Velveeta we had been saving for a special occasion and made Ro-tel cheese dip this weekend. Fun times!

This week was a busy week as we have been preparing for an upcoming conference here with churches from the United States who are interesting in working here in Peru. We also were blessed to have the folks from International World Changers here to do some site visits for ministry projects in 2010. The summer of 2010 is looking to be huge summer for students here in Peru.

We are excited to have completed our second phase of language learning requirements. Kaleidoscope is finished! Our fellow IMB missionaries serving in the Americas Affinity will know what that means.

Haylee and Jackson have had a busy week at school. Haylee is looking forward to her 13th birthday this Friday. Jackson is continuing to learn the value of school...well, not really, but we plan on helping him with that.

We are so thankful for those of you who are praying for us. During September we have 4 mission teams from the U.S. coming to work in Northern Peru. We also are preparing for our Vision Conference on October 1 when 7 churches will be coming to investigate Peru. Please continue to pray!

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The Hobson Family said...

Wow, happy birthday Haylee! You guys sound busy as always. Jack, don't let them worry you with the school can work at McD's with Olivia (that is her life-long dream).

Take care and WOO....GO HOGS!