Thursday, October 22, 2009

God continues to do great things...

Here are some reports from the past few weeks...
  • The team from Grace in Kentucky did a medical clinic as their way of beginning relationships in the Santa Cruz de Andamarca region. This love shown by members of this team for each other and for the people was evident enough to the people that in more than one pueblo, they were asked if they were Christians. Just their service to the people gave opportunities to share the love of Jesus with some in the communities and helped lay a foundation that will be useful for other trips in that area. And, the good name that was created on this first trip will hopefully bring benefits in the future.
  • Bryan Baptist Association sent a team down to work in Atalaya, San Antonio and Ungurahual. They did house to house witnessing.
  • One of our translators was asked to lead the Saturday service for the church on the Nanay river one day. He storied and I think that it was great to have a Peruvian lead the service and there were 4 adults that came forward to accept Christ and several children.
  • The school children of Tucna sang the Peruvian national anthem for us. They then wanted me to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Another team member and I did, then we sang Jesus Loves Me. We then shared the gospel with them and several said they had accepted Christ. (It is reported that 20 kids accepted Christ.)
Please continue to pray for the work of the REAP North Peru Strategy Coordinator Churches and our team of missionaries.

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