Thursday, November 12, 2009

News from Peru...

Hey yall,
We want to thank all of you who pray regularly for our family. Every day we sense the prayers of many people as we try to do the work the Father has called us to do. Thank you so much for the way you love us and support us through prayer. We do want to share with you some prayer requests...
  • Please continue to pray about your part in giving to this year's Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. It was announced this week that there will be a 10% reduction in the IMB missionary force during the next year. This is terrible news for so many around the world who have yet to hear about Jesus.
  • Please pray for our REAP North Peru team. Although this month only 7 teams are working with us there is much work to be done for 2010. Pray that we will have wisdom as we plan for the upcoming year.
  • MOST OF ALL... please pray that those here in Peru who have never heard about Jesus will hear about Him.
You all are a blessing to us. Thank you so much!

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