Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update from Peru. January 31, 2010.

Thank you so much to all of you out there who love us so much that you take the time to pray for us. We constantly are aware of your prayers. God is so good to provide just what we need at just the right time.

This has been a busy and good week. We have a team from College Street Baptist Church in South Carolina here working in a mountain area. They are one of our strongest strategy coordinator churches and have seen amazing things happen among the Ambo Quechua. They have seen a steady increase in the number of churches being planted in their area. Their ministry teams are led by Randy and Sharon McManamay (retired school teachers). Please pray for them this week as they bring light to the darkness.

Liesa and I spent the first part of this week in Atlanta, Georgia for the International World Changers Retreat. On Wednesday evening we returned to Peru with the leadership teams of two IWC projects we'll have in the Canta, Peru area this summer. These two projects will bring nearly 200 students to Peru to minister here in Peru. On Thursday we did some orientation work here in Lima. On Friday and Saturday we toured the mountain villages around Canta. Today we were able to spend some time wrapping up some loose ends and our friends Danny, Laurie, Derek, and Lou are headed back to the U.S. tonight. Please pray for the International World Changer projects that the REAP North Peru team are hosting in Canta, Huancayo, and the Amazon Basin.

We have a busy month of February coming with tons of planning that has to be completed before our schedule begins to get a little crazy in March. Please pray for our team as we seek God's wisdom as we coordinate the work of so many people this year.

And, most importantly, we say 'See You Later' to Jessica Dooley who is finishing up her Journey-girl term. Jessica has been a vital part of our team and we'll sure miss her in many ways. Please pray for Jessica Dooley as she returns to the U.S. and begins seminary this fall.

Please pray for our REAP North Peru team...
  • Boots and Katie Holder (Rebecca, Elizabeth, Joseph)
  • Jeremy and Crystal Nelson (Karis)
  • Jake and Dodie Glover (Hannah and Abigail)
  • Tommy Smith
  • Jim Gilstrap
  • Mindy McCord
  • Amber Smith
  • David and Cameron Olson
  • Jessica Dooley
  • Sandi Bridges
  • Brian and Felicia Henderson (Skylar and Sydney)
  • Jeff and Liesa Holeman (Haylee and Jackson)
Thank you so much for being such faithful prayer partners!

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