Saturday, February 20, 2010

21 February 2010 Update.

Hello world,

We are so thankful for all of you out there who pray, give, and come to Peru to help take the gospel to lost.  This week your prayers have kept us safe on mountain roads, given us a clear ability to speak truth in a foreign language, kept us healthy, and have opened the doors for new ministry opportunities.

Two churches from the United States began their ministries in Peru this week.  First Baptist Jesup, GA and First Baptist, Hesperia, California both were there this week to begin church planting work among the indigenous people of Peru.  Thank you for praying.

We have a busy week ahead as Haylee and Jackson return to school after their summer break.  Also, things are beginning to get a busier as March approaches.  Spring Break begins what we call our 'busy' season which lasts until Labor Day in September.  We are so thankful that we have a team of missionaries who work so hard.  We are so blessed to have co-workers who are more than that...they are family and dear friends.  Not every missionary has the teammates that we have.  We know we are blessed.

There are several things you can pray for this week...
  • Please pray for the large number of student projects we have coming up in the next few months.  We have so much that has to be organized.  Pray for Mindy McCord, our student project coordinator, as she has so much responsibility.  The great news is that she can handle it.  Pray for her and the planning that needs to be done.
  • Please pray for Roebuck Baptist Church from South Carolina as they work with the Ashaninca people on the Tambo River this week.  They are out there teaching woodworking skills to them so that they will have another way to support themselves.  More importantly, they are sharing the gospel and discipling new believers among the Ashaninca people.  Pray for safety, good health, and open doors.
  • Please pray for our mission organization, International Mission Board.  There are so many important decisions that must be made over the next few months. We know God is faithful and will take care of us like He always has been faithful to do.
Our house in Lima.

Our street in Lima.  The hair salon, vet, little hardware store, and bakery are
right across the street.  Fruit and veggie market is right around the corner.
The first utility pole on the right is where the taxi drivers stop to pee.

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