Thursday, October 14, 2010

15 October 2010 Update.

Thank you for praying for our family over the past couple of weeks. Here's an update of what's been going on.

Haylee and Jackson are busy with school and their lives. Haylee is preparing for a guitar recital on Oct 24 and Jackson has been enjoying soccer. Both are doing well. Haylee has been having some pain in her hands and feet for the past couple of weeks and we are working with doctors to determine what is going on with that. We'll keep you updated.

Liesa and Jeff have been busy with life and work. We were able to visit our team mates in Bolivia during the past week and enjoyed spending time with all of them and see the great work they are doing. October, November, and December are going to be very busy months for us. We are very excited about heading to the USA for some vacation time in December and January.

Please join us in praying for these prayer requests...
  • Haylee's health. Pray that we'll be able to figure out what is causing the pain in her hands and feet.
  • Haylee and Jackson as they live in another culture.
  • Jeff is traveling quite a bit over the next few weeks. Please pray for Spirit-led work to be done.
  • Please pray for these churches/groups coming to work with our team over the next few weeks...
  1. Oct 8 to 15. George/Greene Association.
  2. Oct 9 to 18. FBC, Universal City, TX.
  3. Oct 15 to 23. Roebuck BC, Roebuck, SC.
  4. Oct 21 to 30. Bell Shoals BC. Oct 22 to Nov 5. Bryan Association, OK
  5. Nov 5 to 12. Grace BC, Somerset, KY.
  6. Nov 6 to 13. Lifepoint, Columbus, OH.
  7. Nov 6 to 13. Crossroads BC, Cadiz, KY.
  8. Nov 6 to 14. Grace BC, Richmond, VA.
  9. Nov 12 to 20. FBC, Humble, TX.
  10. Nov 13 to 22. Morningside, GA.
  11. Nov 15 to 20. Grant Ave BC, Corvalis, OR.
  12. Nov 30 to Dec 7. Lincoln Ave BC, Lincolnton, NC.
  13. Dec 11 to 18. FBC, Oxford, MS.
  14. Dec 12 to 20. West Heights BC, Pontotoc, MS.
  15. Dec 20 to Jan 3. Immanuel BC, Fort Collins, CO.
  16. Dec 26 to Jan 3. Morningside, GA.
  17. Dec 26 to Jan 2. FBC, Callahan, FL.
  18. Dec 27 to Jan 19. Oklahoma Baptist Univ.
Thank you to all who pray and support us financially through the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

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