Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15 February 2011 Update!

Hello to all of our faithful prayer partners out there.

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray for us over the past couple of weeks. We are so grateful for your love and concern for us expressed through your commitment to pray.

We have had a busy couple of weeks..
  • On Feb 2 Jeff was blessed with the opportunity to help train a group of semester missionaries (called 'Hands On') here in Lima. It is always a great honor and a lot of fun to work with students. Rick and Cindy Jenkins do a great job getting students ready for their assignments and we are blessed to have some new friends.
  • On Feb 3 were were able to gather most of our REAP NORTH Peru team for our first team meeting of the year. We are facing a busy Spring with our schedules really getting busy in early March. We are blessed to work with a dynamic, servant-hearted group of teammates who work hard to make sure all of our work gets done.
  • On Feb 7 to 11, Liesa and Jeff were a part of a group of missionaries participating in training for transition to new roles in our America's Affinity. Our Company has been going through a period of reorganization for the past few years and this continues to affect us and our team. It was a good week of meeting new folks, hearing from leadership, and working together to try to figure out where God is leading His work among the peoples of the Americas.
These past few days have been fun as we've been getting ready for school next week, catching a movie, checking out the new Lima Metro bus, cruising through a market called Polvo Azules, and getting some work done for teams coming to Peru in a few weeks.

Here are few prayer requests that you can help with:
  1. TRANSITION. As we face the changes within our company please pray that we will have wisdom to know God's Plan for our family. We finish our term in June 2011 and are seeking God's Plan for us for the future.
  2. HAYLEE AND JACKSON. A new school semester begins next week. Pray for a good adjustment back to the 'REAL' world.
  3. THE PEOPLE OF PERU. Many people in Peru have heard about Jesus. But, they have not been able to grasp the thought of a personal relationship with Him. Pray that the Gospel will be able to break through the barriers of 'religion' to reach the wonderful people of Peru.
  4. REAP NORTH TEAM. The work of our team reaches to Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Please pray for the following folks serving with us...Larry, Nancy, Christy, Patti, Fletcher, Ruby, Jake, Dodie, Abigail, Hannah, Jeremy, Crystal, Karis, Adalyn, David, Cameron, Pete, Tommy, Jim, Brian, Felicia, Sydney, Skylar, Katie, Boots, Mindy, and Amber.
It was good to see Mark from Argentina while he was in Lima.

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