Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21 March 2012 Update!

We're safe here but pray for those towns and villages close to the epicenter.
The first day of Spring roared into southern Mexico with a 7.something earthquake.  Liesa and I were at our dining room table (which continues to be our only piece of real furniture) around noon when the room started shaking.  And, no, it wasn't because of the burrito. Earthquakes are common here and we've felt them before but this one was different.  It started out as a rumble and kept going...getting stronger...and we realized we might be in a little danger.  So we stepped out onto our back patio and watched our house, the trees, powerlines, and the ground jump up and down.  This lasted about 60 seconds but it seemed forever.  We realized that everything seemed to be OK and there was no damage around us so we went back in the house and called the school to check on the kids.  Amazingly, all  was good and we did not lose power, internet, or anything.  Your prayers are always important and the Lord listens to you all.  We see the evidence of your prayers daily.

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makes me dwell in safety.  Psalm 4:8

We have had a busy couple of weeks. We had an incredible 10 days of ministry and fun with the students from Mississippi College. Ben Maddox and his crew from Mississippi College were such a great group to work with (as we have found with all Mississippi College students!). We were able to partner with a local children's home here that ministers to children/teenagers from the surrounding indigenous villages. Several of these kids have no parents but most are from families where they cannot be cared for. Several of the kids have disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, deafness, muteness and other health challenges. The team from Mississippi College invested their hearts into these kids through Bible stories, games, painting bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen, and whatever else needed to be done. We are thankful for the MC team!  And, we're thankful for national partner Felipe Ortega who worked with us all week.

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’  Acts 20:35

Haylee and Jackson continue to adjust well to their new home here in southern Mexico.  Oaxaca Christian School is a blessing and Haylee and Jackson are doing well in all of their classes (even their graduate level Old Testament class!).  We continue to pray for them as they develop meaningful friendships.

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.  Prov 13:20

We have some busy days coming up.  Please join us in praying for these opportunities:
  • Liesa's parents are coming for visit March 28 to April 4.  It will be good to have them around to make fun of.
  • In April we have a team from the Mississippi Baptist Convention Agricultural Missions Fellowship coming down to find out ways they can partner with communities in southern Mexico to provide agricultural training.  This could be a huge opportunity for ministry.
  • In April, First Baptist Clinton, MS is sending down some folks to explore opportunities for partnership and ministry.  Pray for this church as they seek the Father's plan for mission involvement.
  • In April, Jeff will be traveling to Virginia for a training meeting and will also be able to spend a few days in Mississippi.  
  • In May, all of us will be traveling to Lima, Peru.  Jeff and Liesa have some training meetings to attend and Haylee and Jackson will be trying to see as many of their Peru friends as they can.  
  • In May, we have Bethsaida Baptist Church from Mississippi coming down on a Vision Trip to look at some possible partnership and ministry opportunities.
  • In the midst of all of this, we must continue to ride the roads and find the places that the Father wants us to work.  Our ministry assignment requires us to travel 3.5 to 4 hours away from Oaxaca city (and home.) to find communities in which to work.  So, travel safety on bumpy roads is always a prayer need.
  • Finally, we sure would be happy if our furniture and household supplies from Peru would hurry up and get here!  :-)
Thank you so much for your support through prayer and your financial commitment to the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

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