Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Not a 'Good-Bye'....Just a 'See Ya Later!'

The Hands On 2012 Crew with our family.
Dear Kimberly, Kelley, Davinity, and Anna,

Tomorrow we take you to the airport and this journey with us in Oaxaca will come to an end.  We have learned that the missionary life is a never-ending series of trips to the airport to say good-bye to folks we really care about.  WE have loved EVERY day that you have spent living 'La Vida Loca Mexicana' with us.  It really does seem like you have been here forever even though it has only been four months.  You are a part of our family and we will miss you terribly when you leave.

Just think about what God has done through you in such a short time:
  1. You have invested in the lives of dozens of Mexicans with your English classes.  You have encouraged them and given them help in learning another language that might just open doors for them in the future.
  2. You have loved on the missionary kids at Oaxaca Christian School and have been an encouragement to the teachers there.
  3. You have learned the importance of knowing and studying language.
  4. You have invested time with our MK girls through Bible studies and spending time with them.
  5. You have loved on the kids at the children's home and spent time helping them understand God's love for them.
  6. You have embraced the culture here and jumped smack dab in the middle of it with a smile on your face so many times.
  7. You have learned to sleep through fireworks, mariachi bands, dogs barking, and that a small earthquake is just not that important.
  8. You have spent time with so many people in Oaxaca and sought to encourage as many people as you could even when you might have really wanted to do something else.
  9. You've been on research trips where a drunk crowd of clowns surrounded the truck and another trip lost in vast fields of sugar cane.  You did this so that the Gospel could go to those places in the future.
  10. And there is so much more...Huatulco, the Zocalo, Monte Alban, riding the bus, Dancing with the Stars, Chedraui, Soriana, Sam's, Wal-mart, Italian coffee, the neighborhood tamale guy....
Thank you for taking the time to come to Oaxaca.  As a missionary, you never know the result of your work.  All we can do is be obedient to the task the Father lays out for us.  You have been obedient to His request to 'Go serve in Oaxaca.'

Our family has grown to love each one of you deeply.  But, we aren't saying 'Good-bye.'  Just a 'See ya later!'  We'll see you again one day...

Because of Him,
Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson (and Amazon, too!)

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