Saturday, June 14, 2014

14 June 2014 Update!

Thank you to all who faithfully pray for our family and the great work the Father is doing in southern Mexico.  Your prayers are THE KEY to the work.  We simply cannot express to each of you how much we depend on you to pray faithfully.  Thank You All!

Here are some updated prayer requests:
  • Springdale Baptist Church, Attala County, MS will be with us this week.  Pray for this team as they lead a Parent Conference for a new church plant near the city of Oaxaca.
  • Shindler Drive Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL is in southern Mexico this week working among the C people.  Pray for this team as they train and encourage church leaders.
  • William and Rachel arrive TODAY (June 14)!  Working with students allows us to multiply the work.  We have a #DreamTeam of student workers this summer.  Please continue to lift up our summer student workers and the ministries they are leading.
  • The Community Church, Oxford, MS sent Ronnie Conner to spend the month of June with us and we're having fun picking on him.  Ronnie has a heart as big as the moon and is a great encourager to our student teams.  We're grateful for him being available to come down and serve Jesus with us.
  • Davinity, Bryce, and Bailey have spent this week working in a village among the CC people.  This has been a challenging assignment because of the intense heat and humidity.  Please continue to pray for the CC people.  Crosspoint Church, Melrose, FL will send their first team to begin their work among this people group in early August.
  • Pray for Natasha and Jennifer as they work in SPN.  They are finding resistance to the Gospel in this community.  Please pray for them as they share stories from God's Word with the family with whom they are living.  Pray for open hearts among the SPN people.
  • Lauren, Michelle, Rachel, William, and Drew are using English as an opportunity to share the Gospel.  Pray for these students to be able to go deep in relationships and to share the love of Christ with those around them.
  • First Baptist Oxford, MS will send a team in the next few days to focus on ministry to indigenous children in a local children's home.  Many of the indigenous communities are not equipped to care for kids from abusive homes and those who have special needs.  Pray for the FBC Oxford team to be able to share hope with these awesome kids!
  • The TVZ people group will be loved on by Central Baptist Wendell, NC next week.  Central Baptist does such a great job with evangelism through sports ministry.  Pray for this team as they come to Oaxaca on June 20.
  • The SBY people group will get a visit from Pillar Church, Stafford, VA next week.  This people group is small (around 800 people) and has just a few known believers (less than 10).  Pray for Pillar Church as they research the best ways to share the Gospel with these people.
  • Urbancrest Baptist, Lebanon, OH is an amazing fellowship with a heart for the CS people.  Pray for their teams who will be spending a lot of time among their people this year.  Another team arrives on June 15.
  • The C people live in Mexico and in Colorado.  Please pray for the East Texas Association of Baptists as they take on the task of sharing the Gospel, training leaders, and planting new churches among this people group.
  • The CC people are waiting for the Gospel.  Please pray for SonRise Baptist, Newnan, GA as they develop a plan to research this people group so they can begin work among them.
  • The SGM people group live in Mexico and in Richmond, VA.  Please pray for Franklin Heights Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, VA as they consider taking on the task of taking the Gospel to this people group.
  • The CTM people group live in Mexico and California.  Pray for Valley Baptist Bakersfield, CA as they share the Gospel with this people group.  Pray for them to find open doors for church planting in southern Mexico.
  • Bethsaida Baptist Church, Philadelphia, MS is preparing to begin work among a people group in southern Mexico.  Will you lift up this fellowship as they prepare?
  • The Piedmont-Okefenokee Baptist Association will be sending a Vision Team in a few weeks to explore options among an unreached people group in southern Mexico.  Please pray for this team as they prepare for the task.
  • Second Baptist, Springfield, MO will be sending a team in early August to take on a variety of ministry tasks in southern Mexico.  Pray for them as they prepare.
Is YOUR CHURCH ready to take on the task of taking the Gospel to an unreached people group?  Click HERE for more info!

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support through the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson

June 2014 in southern Mexico.
Best Kid Missionaries!
Our training program is a lot of fun in Oaxaca.
Ronnie has some interesting spiritual gifts.

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