Tuesday, July 8, 2014

8 July 2014 Update!

Greetings from Oaxaca!

We are so grateful for your prayer support.  Let us share with you some stories of great things happening in southern Mexico:

  • There is another new believer among the SBY people.  We now know of 3 believers in this community of 600 people.
  • Over 50 student volunteers came to Oaxaca during the month of June and were a huge blessing to many people.  These students were able to learn about missions and be a part of 'hands-on' work.
  • The ChoC people and their small struggling church has a strong USA partner coming to serve alongside them as they seek to reach their people.
  • A church from Mississippi was able to strengthen a new church plant with a Parent Conference and three new believers came to know Jesus because of their obedience.
  • The SGM people live in Mexico and in the USA.  We are so thankful for USA partners who are beginning work among these people in Virginia.
  • The ChoS people live in the mountains of southern Mexico.  A church from the USA has committed to being the 'missionary' to this Unreached People Group.  The USA church has had great 'God Moments' as they have lived among their people for several weeks.
  • The ChiO people are very resistant to the Gospel and their community is known as a place of witchcraft.  But, God has called out a USA church from Florida to pray for and love these people.  These people may have an opportunity to hear about Jesus very soon!
  • The Father is working in several communities among the TVZ people.  We are thankful for the national believers who are taking on the task of reaching their people.
  • A church in Georgia has taken on the missionary task among the ChiC people.  These people may finally be able to respond to the Gospel in the near future.
  • The CTM people live in Mexico and in the USA.  A church in California is taking seriously the task of reaching the nations in their community.
While we see the Father at work all around us, there are still overwhelming needs here in southern Mexico that only God can meet.  We're thankful to be a small part in what God is doing and we are thankful that so many of you are a part through your prayer support.  Please keep praying for the people groups listed above and please pray that more workers will make a commitment to training and learning language and that they will come to southern Mexico.

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson Holeman
Summer 2014 Oaxaca Student Team!  AWESOME MISSIONARIES!

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