Sunday, November 23, 2014

23 November 2014 Update!

Thanksgiving is a natural overflow of a heart that has been changed by Jesus.  We are very thankful for all of you who take the time to pray for us and the work that God is doing among the peoples of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.  You need to remember that we don't take you for granted.  We can't do the task that the Father has asked us to do, period.  We can't do it.  But, if we're going to be obedient and follow God on this journey we would not want to attempt it without prayer warriors like you.  Thank you.

November has been a great month.  We asked you to help us out with a few prayer requests a few weeks ago.  Here's an update:
  • Haylee's knee.  We'll get more information in December when we meet with some doctors in the USA.  Originally what was diagnosed as some ligament damage has become clearer as a very large cyst on her knee.  There is some pain involved but Haylee is doing well and has not slowed down too much.  Keep praying as we prepare to meet with doctors on Dec 22 in Oxford.
  • Jackson is pushing through a challenging semester.  Keep praying for him to finish strong.
  • Liesa and Jeff traveled to Haiti to pray and get a better idea of how to lead Southern Baptists to more effective work.  Haiti is a wonderful place with some precious people.  The needs are overwhelming and without a disciplined approach, Southern Baptists have been spinning their wheels for decades.  Keep praying because the answers are difficult and emotions get in the way of a coherent discussion with many people.
We're very excited about the next few weeks.  We'll be celebrating the USA Thanksgiving with some time at the beach with several of our colleagues and Mexican family.  Jeff will be traveling to Peru for some important leadership meetings.  And, we'll be heading to Mississippi for a couple of weeks of vacation and speaking on Lottie Moon's behalf.

While in Mississippi we're available to visit Mississippi churches.  Here's our schedule so far:
  • Sunday, December 21.  Center Grove Baptist Church, Maben, MS.  (AM Service)
  • Wednesday, December 24.  Venture Church, Hattiesburg, MS.
  • Sunday, December 28.  First Baptist Yazoo City, MS.  (AM Service)
  • Sunday, January 4.  First Baptist Oxford, MS.  (AM Service)
  • Sunday, January 11.  Pillar Church, Stafford, VA.  (AM Service)
Let us know if we can help out with anything at your church while we are in the USA.

We pray each one of you have a great Thanksgiving Week!  We are hoping that this Saturday is one of the worst days ever for our Mississippi State friends.  Go Rebels!


Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson

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