Saturday, March 14, 2015

14 March 2015 Update!

Greetings to all of our praying friends out there!

Here are some updates about our lives over the past couple of weeks and a few prayer requests:
Jackson and Haylee
  1. Jackson is doing great with his schoolwork and is enjoying his swimming class and life in general.  It seems he is growing about 2 inches per month at the moment but as of today has not passed Jeff in altitude.  But, that should happen soon.
    • Pray for Jackson to finish this semester strong with great grades and godly relationships.
    • Pray for Jackson as he prepares for a school year in Oxford, Mississippi.
  2. A little over two months until Haylee graduates from Oaxaca Christian School.  Her graduation date is May 28.  She is always busy and is looking forward to Mississippi College this fall.
    • Pray for Haylee as she finishes up this season of life on the mission field.  Pray for her last weeks in Mexico to be filled with great joy.
    • Liesa and Christy

    • Pray for Haylee as she prepares for the transition to college life.  Pray for the resources that are needed to pay for college expenses.
  3. Liesa is a whirlwind of activity.  She hosted our great friend Christy Holcomb for a few days and then worked with the First Baptist Oxford team this past week as they trained English teachers in a couple of locations.
    • Pray for Liesa as she cares for and nurtures Haylee and Jackson.  Pray for wisdom in guiding them to deeper relationships with Christ.
    • Pray for Liesa as she shares the Gospel in southern Mexico.  She works in several different settings with women and children.
    • Community Church Oxford in Oaxaca!
    • Pray for Liesa as she assists our USA partners in their logistical arrangements as they work in southern Mexico.
  4. Two weeks ago, Jeff spent time in Lima, Peru at a meeting of Americas Affinity Leadership.  These are exciting days as we see great opportunities to share the gospel in the Americas. We also had a great visit from Community Church from Oxford, MS as they sent their first ever international mission team to work with us!
    • Pray for Jeff as he leads his family to be gentle in spirit but strong in biblical principles.
    • First Baptist Oxford in Oaxaca!
    • Pray for wisdom for Liesa and Jeff as they lead the missionary personnel in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.  Pray for leadership that is directed by the Spirit and founded on God's Word.
Other news and requests:
  • Pray for the people groups in Mexico that still need to hear and understand the Gospel.  There are 200,000 people in these SEVEN groups: 
    • Ixcatec
    • Southeastern Guerrero Mixtec
    • Atatlahuca Mixtec
    • Matlatzinca
    • Western Coastal Nahuatl
    • Temascaltepec Nahuatl
    • Durango Nahuatl
  • We are very thankful and excited to have new teammates on the way.  Christy Holcomb will be moving to Oaxaca in just a few weeks.  Jim and Mandy Wells are preparing to arrive in Chiapas for mentoring and language training before they come to the Oaxaca.  The Knights and the Krafts are two families that are being sent directly by their churches to join the work in Mexico and we'll work with them when opportunities are available. We have another IMB family that will be appointed in May and another in August and they will make their way to Mexico next year.  YOU have been praying for more workers and the Father is calling them out.  Please continue to pray about this.
  • Summer 2015 Student Team is going to be a great one!  We are so thankful for the opportunity to continue to work with students.  This year we'll have students from Liberty University, Mississippi College, Multnomah Bible College, McNeese State, University of West Alabama, Mississippi State University, Wake Forest University, and Kosciusko High School.  These students are putting their lives on the table as a 'blank check' for the Father to use this summer. Please pray for them!  Pray for opportunities to build relationships, good health, safety, and being able to raise their financial support.
  • We will be in Oxford, MS from July 31, 2015 to June 15, 2016!  Every few years our mission organization provides a time of Stateside Assignment for us to reconnect with family and friends.  Haylee will be heading off to Mississippi College and Jeff, Liesa and Jackson will be living in Oxford, MS.  Jeff and Liesa will be serving as Missionaries in Residence at our home church of First Baptist Oxford.  We are so grateful our sending church continues to bless us in so many ways.  Please pray that we can be a blessing to FBC Oxford while we are home.  Please continue to pray that housing will be located for us that will meet the needs of our family.
Thank you for your investment in what the Father is doing in us and through us.  You all are a blessing!

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson

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