Wednesday, June 22, 2016

22 June 2016 Update!

You might have heard about Oaxaca in the news over the past few days. Our first few days here have included some intense confrontations between the Teacher's Union and Federal Police. We are safe and have stayed away from any of the trouble but we do pray for all of those involved. This has been an ongoing clash for over ten years and there is not an easy answer. We are praying for meetings that are happening today. Here is more info:

While all of this is going on the Gospel moves forward in southern Mexico. Our team of Summer Students continue to work hard to share the stories of God's Word in some very creative ways. This week, a USA church continues their work among unreached people. Our IMB team continues to facilitate the Gospel going to unreached people and places of southern Mexico by training leaders and developing relationships with national partners. There is trouble all around but we are focused on the task to which we are called.

You can 'hold the rope' for us through prayer! Pray for the following:
  • Pray for our Summer Student Team (Names begin with R, A, G, S, E, E, L, A) as they are working so hard and so well.
  • Pray for our Endeavor team living in an unreached community. This is a group of high school girls and a leader who have given a month to serve in a very hard place. Pray for A, B, E, L, M,  M, and N.
  • Numerous USA church teams are planning to come to Oaxaca in the next few weeks. As expected, some are having to 'count the cost' of coming to southern Mexico during this time of unrest. Pray for them to follow the leading of the Father regarding their plans.
  • Lottie Moon's truck that I drive has been in the shop for TEN days waiting on parts from the USA. Pray that the road blocks would open and allow the parts to get to Oaxaca.
Some praises:
  • We had some flood damage to our home in Oaxaca but all has been repaired better than before.
  • Reunions with our IMB and Mexican family has been sweet.
  • We drove from Oxford to Oaxaca without any problems. Amazon made it fine, too!
  • We have some great opportunities for partnership with local Baptist churches like never before!
Thank you for continuing to 'hold the rope' through prayer and your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and the Cooperative Program.

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson

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