Wednesday, July 6, 2016

7 July 2016 Update!

After a busy June we landed
in Oaxaca ready for a
great July!
Greetings from southern Mexico!

We've had a busy month of June. Thank you for your prayer support! June began with Jeff attending Affinity Leadership Team meetings in Peru. On June 5, Jeff, Liesa, and Jackson left Jackson, Mississippi and drove to Laredo, Texas. On June 6, we crossed the border into Mexico without any problems and drove to Mexico City. We were in Mexico City for a few days so that we could begin the immigration process. We arrived home in Oaxaca on June 10. Since then we've had a lot of action with ministry work, teacher's union against the government clashes, team meetings, welcoming more summer students, saying good-bye to summer students, a trip to Costa Rica for the 2016 High School MK Retreat, and a Fourth of July Party. Time flies when you're having fun.

July is another busy month with two weeks of Access International Student Mission Camps coming up. We'll begin on July 9 and finish up on July 24. We're excited about working alongside some of our Mexican brothers and sisters and some great USA churches. We are praying for two great weeks of sharing the Gospel. We'll be partnering up with local churches in the city of Oaxaca to reach their neighborhoods with the Gospel.

While all of that is going on some of our great USA partners will be coming to work among the people to whom God has led them. Folks from churches in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, California, and Mississippi will be joining us in Oaxaca during July. We are grateful for the workers that the Father continues to bring to the harvest in southern Mexico.

Saying 'See You Later' too many times is one of the realities of missionary life. Our teammate Christy Willis has returned to the USA after almost two years on our team BUT will be coming back to Oaxaca in September and we hope it's for a long, long time. Rebecca Harrod leaves us the last week of July and she will be SO MISSED by so many people here. Rebecca and Christy have poured out their lives for their Savior and have left an impact that will last for eternity. Goodbyes STINK!

We are so grateful for your prayer support! Here are some specific requests:
  • Will you pray for more workers to be called out from Mexican churches in Mexico?
  • Will you pray for our teammate Ashley and the relationships she has made with nationals? Will you pray that God will call out more workers from this group?
  • Every morning, from July 9 to July 24, will you pray that the Father would use the students attending camp to make an eternal difference in the lives of many people in Oaxaca?
  • Will you pray for the tension between the teacher's union and the government would decrease and that peaceful solutions would be found to the conflict?
  • Will you pray for Haylee and Jackson as they grow close to our summer team only to see them get on airplanes and return to the USA?
  • Will you pray for our team of high school girls living in an unreached community until July 16?  Pray for A, B, E, L, M,  M, and N.
  • Will you pray that the village of 'T' will become less hostile to Christians and that we will find a way to share the Gospel in this community?
Thank you for praying for the truck repair. It's still in the shop but hopefully it will be repaired before the end of this week. The teacher's union is blocking the highways in/out of Oaxaca so getting supplies into the city is very difficult.

Thank you for your prayer support and your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and the Cooperative Program. 

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson

Haylee at work!

Jackson has found ways to deal with international travel.

The 2016 High School MK Retreat in Costa Rica.

Liesa hanging out with some Awesome MK's in Costa Rica.

You know it's gonna be a fun flight when
Mark and Pam Grumbles are on the plane at 6 am!

We turned Ashley's translator training class into
a Fourth of July party!

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