Monday, February 2, 2009

Update for this week...

The photo is of Canta, Peru. Site of International World Changer projects this summer.

Thank you to all of you who are faithfully praying! You are a vital help to the work here in Peru.

We've had a good and busy week. Liesa is beginning to get a handle on the many administrative responsibilities of coordinating the work of our REAP North team. Jeff traveled with some International World Changer staff to the mountain town of Canta to prepare the upcoming student projects. We'll have approximately 140 students arriving in June to work in the Canta area. We still have work to do but the projects are shaping up to be amazing. Kathy King, from Oxford, MS, is the ministry coordinator for the projects. It was good getting to know her better and to have someone from home here for the week. Jeff got to do some mountain driving on some interesting roads and was able to speak to a church on Saturday night...with about 10 minutes notice! Things went well for Jeff and the lady breast-feeding on the front row.

Haylee and Jackson are enjoying their summer vacation. Jackson went on an outing with our church and had a great time. The parents of the other boys bragged on his Spanish speaking ability. Haylee is advancing in her language as well and will be helping with a prayer retreat for one of the other missionary teams here in Lima. She is looking forward to helping with the kids while the parents meet together.

College Street Baptist from Walhalla, South Carolina arrives Tuesday night and Jeff heads out with them on Wednesday. We'll be going to another mountain region to do evangelism work using the The Hope video and other strategies.

Please pray for...
  • Haylee and Jackson and their continued adjustment to Peru.
  • Liesa as she shoulders more and more of the work load putting together all of the administrative details for our partner churches from the U.S.
  • Jeff as he travels with teams and encourages them and serves them while they minister in Peru.
  • College Street Baptist Church and their team that are here in Peru this week.
  • The unreached people of Peru...we need more churches to adopt unreached people groups. There are not enough missionaries to get the work done.
  • Please pray for student volunteers for this summer. We need a bunch! Go to to find out more information.

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