Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Please pray for the people of Cancejos and Ambo.

Over the last weekend Jeff traveled to an area of Peru devastated by heavy rains and landslides. The International Mission Board has released a generous amount of funds to help the people who lost family members, homes, and possessions. The great state of South Carolina sent a team of volunteers to assist with disaster medical care. This team was able to provide medical examinations, free medicine, and grief counseling to those living in 'tent cities' around the disaster area. Over 30 people were killed in this disaster including one area pastor. Another pastor in the area was in Lima while the mudslide buried his wife and children. We saw many physically wounded people who told stories of digging themselves out of the mud. So many people were having a hard time dealing with their loss.

Please pray for the people of this area and pray for David and Cameron Olson, members of the REAP NORTH Peru team who are directing the IMB response to this disaster.

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