Monday, July 20, 2015

20 July 2015 Update!

Wow. Time has certainly 'flewn' by for us in southern Mexico. Thank you so much to all of you who are so faithful to pray and encourage us in serving the Father down here in Oaxaca. You are so very important to the work that the Father is doing here. I agree with Tozer who said, 'Prayer is the most sacred occupation a person could engage in." Thank you for your partnership through prayer.

Let me give you some highlights of the last few weeks (You can click on the photo to enlarge):

Jeff's Mom came to visit. Here she is
standing in front of the ruins in Mitla. 
This is a group of our summer students teaching English
in a village. We use English as a way to share the Gospel.
Six Languages gathered in Oaxaca to translate
Bible Stories into the indigenous languages.
Training and Investing in students is a huge part of our work
in southern Mexico. Here is a photo of one of our training sessions
being led by Frank and Phoebe Harrison.
These ladies. AWESOMENESS. Great missionaries.
Many of the awesome Summer 2015 Student Team.
Lottie Moon likes to take people around in the back of her truck.
Liesa being Liesa.
The team from Springdale Baptist, Attala County, Mississippi did some
great work in Oaxaca while they were here.
Haylee, Jackson and a couple of their Mexican cousins.
We were able to get back to Costa Rica and visit
our old neighborhood. Our former house has had an upgrade!
Fun times in Costa Rica with the World's Best Missionary Kids!
If you can gather a crowd then tell them a story from God's Word.
It's just that simple!
Visiting folks in their home is a great honor. Here is our
friend Jasmine talking with a man in a village. He had
some AWESOME stories to tell about His life.
You gotta do whatcha gotta do.
Eating Tlayudas right off the comal is such a burden.
Sucking that Starbucks down at the Mexico City airport.
Emily being Emily. #JesusWithSkinOn
We work hard and then we play hard.
Listening to Ben. Anyone around Ben listens to Ben. A lot.
(Just picking on you, Ben.)
Mike 'Teddy Bear' Tomes loving on some kids.
This pretty much sums up how we all feel today after
an action-packed seven weeks!

These past few months have been great ones in Oaxaca. Over the past few months we have seen the Father open doors into new communities and relationships, bring new people to faith in Jesus, and call out more workers for the harvest. You are a part of that as you pray and give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. We are so grateful for your support.

We'll be heading to the USA on July 31 for a time of Stateside Assignment. We'll be in Oxford, Mississippi until June of 2016. If you're in/around Oxford please let us know. We'd love to catch up with you.

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee and Jackson

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