Sunday, March 29, 2009

Liesa's Update from the Jungle... March 29, 2009

We are able to communicate with Liesa by way of a satellite phone while she is in the jungle. Her report today...
  • Thank you for praying. She is doing great although it is VERY hot and humid. She and others have been able to do some great work with the kids in the village.
  • Bathing in the river is not so bad. Not so good, either.
  • Liesa was able to help lead worship for the village with her flute today.
  • She has seen the slaughter of a chicken and just missed the slaughter of a cow.
  • Monday morning they pack up camp and head up the river to another village.

Please continue to pray for Liesa and the team from Roebuck, South Carolina.

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Jenny McLamb, Peru said...

Ohhh, Liesa- I am sooo proud of you, Liesa!!!!!!!!! Yikes- bathing in rivers and killing animals- FUN TIMES!! Love you all!