Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prayer Requests for Sunday, March 22, 2009...

Hey to all of our wonderful prayer partners out there. Thank you for your support!

We've had an eventful week. First, Liesa had her purse taken while at a restaurant. She lost a little cash, cell phone, and several credit cards but all is well. We'll have to buy a new cell phone and replace the credit cards. We are thankful it was just stuff and not Liesa that was taken.

Jeff spent most of the week with a church vision team from Tennessee. We traveled to the Montaro Valley to research a segment of the Wanka Quechua people. We are praying that this church is the one God has chosen to adopt this people group.

Haylee and Jackson are getting adjusted to school. We are thankful for your prayers in this area. They have caught up in their studies and are doing great. We ask that you continue to pray for them.

Liesa heads out to the jungle this Thursday with a church group from Roebuck, SC. She will be heading out to a couple of villages on the Tambo River where they will be training church leaders in worship leadership. The church from SC will be teaching guitar lessons and other skills to help these churches with their worship. Liesa will head out on March 26 and return on April 3.

Here's some things you can pray for...
  • Haylee and Jackson and their adjustment to school. Pray for their continued learning of Spanish and their adjustment to the culture here.
  • Pray for Liesa as she travels this week with a team from South Carolina. Pray for safe travel as they travel one day by truck and one day by boat to reach the villages on the Tambo River.
  • Pray for Jeff as he is here in Lima handling logistics and planning for upcoming vision teams and a busy summer coming up.
  • Pray for the hundreds of unreached people groups in Peru who have little or no access to the gospel. Pray for the pastors of Peru who need encouragement and training. Pray for more churches to adopt people groups here in Peru.
  • Pray for Jeff's brother Pete and his wife Carrie and the arrival of their baby this week.

Blessings to you all. Come and see us...

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