Sunday, August 15, 2010

15 August 2010 Update

Hey everybody out there in the big world!

Sorry for a lapse of updates but we've had a crazy couple of weeks with our final International World Changers project of the summer. We had 77 folks from Oregon, Washington, and Canada here for 12 days of ministry among the North Lima Quechua. Although they didn't like grits, they sure were very nice to work with. You who pray for us regularly were a huge part of God doing great things through this group.

Many folks ask us how we're able to do all that we do with so many mission teams coming to Peru. Fortunately, we're blessed with the best team of missionary personnel in the universe. Our teammates work so hard and care so deeply about the work that God has called them to. They work tirelessly and sacrificially to make sure God is honored and the volunteers who work with us have the best opportunity to be effective. Please pray for our team. We have a team prayer blog at Check it out and pray. We cannot tell you how important your prayers are to us.

Jackson has started 6th grade and Haylee is now an 8th grader at Fetzer Academy here in Lima. They are doing well and we were blessed to have them available to travel during the month of July and early August. They were a big help on several projects.

Liesa and Jeff are busy taking on a few new responsibilities for our team as we fill-in for Boots and Katie Holder who have gone to the USA for 10 months. Please pray for us as we help our teammates in Ecuador in Bolivia as well as Peru. Fortunately, we have veterans in place in Ecuador and Bolivia and they know more about missions than we will ever know. Please go to our website at to find info about all that is going on with our team.

Thank you for all you do to support the work here in Peru. Please continue to give to the Cooperative Program through your local Southern Baptist Church and begin praying now about your commitment to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering coming up. Most importantly, develop your own prayer strategy so that you'll be a vital part of the work here in South America.

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