Sunday, August 22, 2010

22 August 2010 Update!

Helloooooooo from Peru!

Thank you to all who pray for us. We are grateful for your investment of time on our behalf before the Father. Your prayers are so very important to the work here in Peru and around the world. Thank You!

We've had a good week. Things have been busy but nothing like the past 12 weeks. It's interesting when you're a little bored with 'normal' but I think we've experienced a little of that this week. Normal work hours. Normal sleep. Our own bed. The 'normal' sounds of Lima. It's good to be home.

Haylee and Jackson are getting back in the school routine and Liesa and Jeff have been able to get caught up on paperwork and house 'stuff' that has to be done. We enjoyed having Christy H. and Jacinda M. visit us from Bolivia. It was a blessing to have Sandi's mom here from Florida this week. We're thankful to have David and Cameron here in Lima with us after living in another part of Peru for the past year.. We're thankful for so much!

Our team retreat is coming up in a few days. We'll get away for a time of prayer, fellowship, planning, and some fun. We tell you all the time about the great team of missionaries that we work with. It is VERY true. Please pray for our time together.

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