Friday, August 19, 2011

19 August 2011 Update!

We've had a great week here in central Mississippi!

Haylee and Jackson have had a good week of school. We're discovering that the Fetzer school in Peru has prepared them well for school here in Mississippi. Haylee and Jackson are both doing very well with their classes are are adjusting well. Haylee is taking guitar lessons from a teacher at a local college here and Jackson is enjoying playing middle school football.

Jeff and Liesa are ready for the students to arrive at Mississippi College so we can get to work. We've had a good time this week getting to know other faculty and staff and planning some of the events for the upcoming semester. Student arrive this weekend so we'll be helping with move-in on Saturday. We're excited about the 300+ international students who will be a part of the student body this fall. It will be a unique opportunity to touch the world from Mississippi.

Next week we head to Birmingham for a few days with some of our America's Affinity Leadership Team as we prepare for some great things happening in the future in The Americas. We look forward to good meetings and spending time with great friends. Please pray for these meetings as we seek to share the Gospel with the Unengaged Unreached People Groups of the Americas.

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson

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