Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 August 2011 Update!

While Jeff and Haylee have been at camp and Africa, Liesa and Jackson have had fun playing in the sun and spending time with friends and family. One thing Jackson has missed most about being in the States is riding his bike. We are living in the neighborhood where I grew up and Jackson has been enjoying his freedom to explore the neighborhood on his bike. Two of his best friends from Oxford, Evan Moore and Joshua Morgan, came to town and he took them riding around the neighborhood. If you are in the Jackson, MS area we expect you to come see us! He also had a chance to go bike riding in Oxford one afternoon with Austin Carter. Many hours have also been spent swimming with the cousins.

Another highlight was a middle school trip Jackson and I took with First Baptist Oxford to Stone Mountain, GA. Did I just say middle school? He is officially a seventh grader. We had a great time going to the Coca Cola Museum, The Varsity Drive-In Restaurant, and Stone Mountain Park. There is a ropes course at Stone Mountain that is pretty cool. The highest point is 36 feet. Jackson started the course with Liesa (who is afraid of heights), but quickly moved on ahead and continued on the course leaving her behind. He was the second one to finish. He was kind enough, however, to return for a second climb and help his mother finish the course. We also climbed a rock wall and yes Liesa made it to the top. Liesa taught several of the kids on the trip in pre-school choir and several moms on the trip taught with her. What fun to hang out with these awesome friends.

Many people have asked me if I (Liesa) miss Peru. My response is the same as it was when we went we left the States and people asked the same question. Obviously, we miss our favorite activities and foods when we leave a place where we live for a time. Peru is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. But the thing I always miss the most is the people that you build relationships with. I have come to understand the importance of investing in the lives of those God puts in our path for however long that time is. The hardest part of leaving Costa Rica and Peru was saying good bye to friends not knowing when you’ll see each other again. The best part of returning to the States is seeing special friends that you haven’t seen in a while. This past month has been that kind of month. Connecting with those special friends and family that are so dear to my heart. I look forward to connecting with more of you during our time here in the States.

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