Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of School 2011.

Haylee started High School and Jackson started 7th Grade today!

Please join us in praying for Jackson and Haylee as they once again adjust to new schools and new friends. As children of missionaries, they did not choose their lot. They have accompanied their parents as we answered God's call. They have been forced into situations that most children never face. They face problems many of us never consider. However, they have handled all of this so well. That is due, in large part, to the many of you who pray for them.

Here are some specific prayer requests that you can use as you pray:
  • Pray for our family to stay strong spiritually. Pray for Jeff and Liesa to be aware of the spiritual needs of our children.
  • Pray that Haylee and Jackson would establish their own spiritual lives. Pray for them to continually be aware of their need for a personal walk with God-- to really know Him, not just learn about Him.
  • Pray that Haylee and Jackson would be filled with the Holy Spirit each day. Pray that He would guide their thoughts and decisions.
  • Pray that Haylee and Jackson would have a hunger for God's Word and a love for His church.
  • Pray that Jackson and Haylee would have thankful hearts for all of their blessings.
  • Pray that Jackson and Haylee would be able to handle the temptations and influences that they will encounter each day.
  • Pray for victory over feelings of loneliness that children of missionaries often experience. Pray that godly adult mentors would invest in them and be able to discuss their problems, fears, doubts, and confusion.
  • Pray for Haylee and Jackson's education. Pray that they would learn well and excel in school.
Thank you for your investment in our family. We are so grateful for you.

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