Thursday, January 26, 2012

God Moments.

There are so many great things about being a cross-cultural missionary.  The most meaningful to me are those "God Moments" when the Father simply opens a door for ministry right before my eyes.  A few days ago, a friend from the USA and I went to visit a village among an unreached people group here in southern Mexico.  We experienced some incredible "God Moments."

The most meaningful was an encounter we had as we were walking to our vehicle to head back home.  As we were walking a man asked us to come and speak with him.  Just so you know, a part of our work in this village was to allow the people to send a video greeting to members of this community in the USA.  My friend from the USA is a staff member of a church in a city where hundreds of people from this village are living.  It is incredible to think that members of indigenous, unreached people groups are living right under our noses in the USA.

This man asked us to video him but as we began talking with him he began to cry.  A few months ago his father had died and now he feels like his life is falling apart.  This man's family was once close but now they are becoming distant because their father was the one who held the family together.  This man wept bitterly about how his family in the USA was not able to come back to Mexico for the funeral.

But God placed words of truth in the mouth of my pastor friend from the USA.  He spoke wonderful words of biblical truth to the man and we prayed over him, his wife, and his son.  This grieving man heard about a Father of comfort, a way to have eternal hope, and was assured that the God of heaven indeed heard his cries of grief.
My pastor friend in the USA will be able to deliver a special video message to the family of this man.  Will you pray for this Mexican man and his family?

Deuteronomy 10:18-20 (ESV)
18 He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing. 
19 Love the sojourner, therefore, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt. 
20 You shall fear the LORD your God. You shall serve him and hold fast to him, and by his name you shall swear.

This is supposedly a people 'closed' to the Gospel but I can assure you that the Father has opened the doors wide because of this church's response to the 'sojourners' living in their community.  Does God have a "God Moment" waiting for your church?  Look around your town or city.  The Father is bringing the nations within reach of many of our Southern Baptist churches.  What will happen if we miss the opportunity?

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