Tuesday, April 16, 2013

16 April 2013 Update!

Greetings from warm (HOT!) Oaxaca!

Tim Carter's Head.
We are very much anticipating the arrival of rainy season here in southern Mexico.  It's been really warm the past couple of weeks and we've had only a couple of days of rain since November.  As you can imagine, we're as dry and dusty as the top of Tim Carter's head (Evidence to the left).  But, we are certainly enjoying the sunshine!

Thank you for your prayers over the past couple of weeks.  Let me give you a quick update:

  1. We asked you to pray for a Vision Team from Florida.  Update:  We had a great week with the great folks from Shindler Drive Baptist Church.  There are great opportunities for them to connect with unreached communities and also indigenous churches.  Continue to pray for them as they decide where to begin work.
  2. We asked you to pray for a Vision Team from North Carolina.  Update:  The North Carolina church is here right now looking at different options for connecting their church with the people of southern Mexico.  Please keep praying for this.
  3. Our student workers..Natasha, Anna, Jennifer, Ellen..continue to do excellent work.  Pray for them this week as they travel out to a village to learn about indigenous culture.
  4. Plans are coming together nicely for a strong group of summer missionaries.  Please continue to pray that we'll have the Right People, in the Right Places, doing the Right Things.
  5. The McLamb Family!  Please continue to pray for this family as they adjust to new ministry opportunities and many new options for reaching southern Mexico.
We always are blessed by your commitment of time in prayer.  Here are a few more prayer requests!
  1. Pray for a team from Missouri here this week on somewhat of a Re-Visioning Trip.  Pray for clear direction about their connections in southern Mexico.
  2. We're very much looking forward to John Edie being here next week to lead a training for local pastors at the Oaxaca Seminary.  Pray for this training event to be effective.
  3. Jeff is leading a training at a local church in Oaxaca each week for the next five weeks.  Pray for this local group of believers who are very interested in missions and their part in connecting to the unreached of southern Mexico.
  4. Jeff and Liesa will be transitioning into a temporary role of leadership of our Connecting Cluster personnel in the Americas.  Pray for this huge task.  Pray that we'll remain focused on the work we're called to complete in southern Mexico.  Pray that the Childers are not granted entry into the USA and they can immediately return to Mexico to take this job back.  :-)
  5. Ole Miss BSU returns to Oaxaca for the second time this semester in May.  Pray for them as they prepare for the connections the Lord has for them in Oaxaca.
Thank you for your prayers!  You are a part of the work when you pray.

Jeff, Liesa, Haylee, and Jackson

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