Saturday, April 6, 2013

6 April 2013 Update!

Dear praying partners,
Thank you for the prayers on our behalf.  We depend on each of you to help us with this immense task of planting churches among the unreached and unchurched of southern Mexico.  We understand that the work is the Lord's.  We are simply his instruments and we want to be the 'Right People, in the Right Places, doing the Right Things.'  Your prayers are a key component of the work.  They are even MORE important than us being here.  We depend on each of you more than you know.

Please pray for these things:
  • Pray for Vision Teams from churches in Florida and North Carolina who will be coming to southern Mexico in the next two weeks.  These teams are seeking the Father's plan about their involvement in planting churches.  Pray for discernment and wisdom for them.
  • Pray for our student workers serving with us this semester. Anna, Natasha, Jennifer, and Ellen are serving in amazing ways.  Pray for them to have open doors to sharing the Gospel during their final six weeks here.
  • Pray for a wonderful group of summer student workers who will begin arriving in May.  We have 15 college students from all over the USA coming to learn about the wonderful people who live in southern Mexico.
  • Pray for our new teammates: John, Jenny, Caleb, Luke, Elijah, and Hope McLamb.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside this family who mean so much to us.  Pray for them and us as we seek to be the most effective 'clay' in the hands of the Potter.
Thank you for your prayers!  Here are some photos of the last few months that we want to share with you (Just click on the photo to enlarge them.):

Jeff and Haylee.

The Easter Bunny stopped by Oaxaca!

Crazy Cousins.

Fish Robinson (from North Oxford Baptist Church) and Jeff have served
on four continents together telling people about Jesus.

We were blessed to work with Sandi Bridges in Peru and now she has
blessed our family in southern Mexico.

This is our family and the wonderful students the Father has sent to work
with us during the Spring 2013 semester.

Haylee and our sweet friend Edu!

Haylee with an attitude during Field Day at Oaxaca Christian School.

Jackson being his own way.

Jackson thinks this is a game.  Actually, it's another way to get
him to take a bath!

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