Thursday, April 18, 2013

18 April 2013 Update!

Two Flat Tires and Divine Appointments.

Last week I was traveling through the mountains of southern Mexico with a Vision Team from a church in Florida.  We were traveling in two vehicles and I was leading us through winding mountain roads in Lottie's truck.  We had descended into a jungle valley on the east side of the state of Oaxaca on a road with some really big potholes.  The car with the rest of our team was not able to miss one of the holes and the casualty was two blown out tires.  Everything came to a stop on a hot and humid day and two of the ladies on the vision team were pregnant.  How in the world were we going to get out of this mess?

(The rest of the story is how we know that so many of you are praying for us.)

Immediately, several ladies came out of their home to assist us.  And, when they found out our two ladies were pregnant they insisted on inviting them (and our whole team) into their home.  These were Chinantec speaking ladies but they also were able to communicate in Spanish.  While some of the team went into the home of these ladies, the rest of us managed to get the car off the road and get two new tires from town.  The local police department helped us change the tires and were very concerned about our safety.  These folks went to great effort to make sure this group of folks from the USA were taken care of.

What could have been a long, terrible afternoon turned into an opportunity for the Lord to use several members of a church in Florida to spend an afternoon with some Chinanteco people in southern Mexico.  We were invited into their home and we now have permission to come back any time we are in the area.  This church from Florida now has a friendship with a Mexican family that knows about religion but they may soon hear more about a Savior.  Will you pray for this family?  Will you pray for this church in Florida?

God uses holes in the road and blown-out tires and whole lot of other stuff to get the Gospel to difficult places.  If he can use a hole in the road then I'm very confident that He can use you and me. Let us always be ready.

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