Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Culture Shock Tweets...

It has been an interesting adjustment to be back in the USA with plenty of time to observe our surroundings. Jeff has been 'tweeting' interesting experiences over the past few weeks. Many of you have asked for a comprehensive list. Here ya go:
  • Culture shock sign #22: Liesa says I was talking to the lady at the grocery store in Spanish. I blame it on the chinese food.
  • Culture shock sign #21: Grocery store has refrigerated pet food. Speechless. .people.r.crazy.
  • Culture shock #20: Just set up my Papa John's On-Line account. I can even add extra peppers if I want.
  • Culture shock sign #19: U now rent movies from vending machines..not a store. Cool.
  • Culture shock sign #18: @ Brandon High this a.m.: "Honey where U movin' from?" Me: "Peru." Lady: "Lord, I hope u ben talkin' 2 somebody."
  • Culture shock sign #17: At Walmart. Found a tattoo removal kit. That's gotta hurt.
  • Culture shock sign #16: Pulled up at the gas station today. Waited on someone to pump the gas. Not gonna happen. :-(
  • Culture shock sign #15: Been in the USA for over a week. I haven't come upon a speed bump yet. Nice.
  • Culture shock sign #14: Mailboxes. Person comes and leaves something 4 you in front of your house in unlocked metal box by the street. WOW.
  • Culture shock sign #13: Walked in Smithsonian toilet after D.C. thunderstorm & found folks stripped down under the blow dryers. Bumfuzzled.
  • Culture shock sign #12: Should Free Refills really be this exciting?
  • Culture shock sign #11: Driving. These North Americans don't get in a hurry. Out of my way!
  • Culture shock sign #10: Am I weird 4 missing thunder and rain and humidity?
  • Culture shock sign #9: Guilt-free toilet paper flushing! Yeah!
  • Culture shock sign #8: Standing in line. Nobody trying 2 cut. Sweet!
  • Culture shock sign #7: I am giving dirty looks 2 cashiers who give me wrinkled/torn money.
  • Culture shock sign #6: Parked the truck on the street last night. The truck still has all the mirrors this morning! Praise the Lord!
  • Culture shock sign #5: Is 9:15 am REALLY the time for Sunday School or should we show up about 10?
  • Culture shock sign #4: I think Cherry Coke Zero would make Cuy (Guinea Pig) go down so much easier.
  • Culture shock sign #3: In awe walking around Wal-mart. I felt a strange kinship with the Hispanic couple walking down the shampoo aisle.
  • Culture shock sign #2: Just spent a lot of time and money at Wal-mart. How can there be only 4 check out lines open on a Saturday night?
  • Culture shock sign #1: In Hotlanta waiting for a plane ride to Mississippi. Lots of white people here.

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Boots and Katie Holder said...

Hilarious! I just laughed so hard in this speed bump loving, no toilet paper flushing country!